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Tell Khaiber: A Fortified Centre of the First Sealand Dynasty

Jane Moon (editor)

Archaeology of Ancient Iraq 2

Excavations at Tell Khaiber near Ur in southern Iraq produced the first stratified assemblage dating to the elusive First Sealand Dynasty that ruled over southern Babylonia in the mid-second millennium BCE.
This final report presents the results of that work, describing the architecture, pottery and finds from the large fortified building that dominated the landscape. It includes a full discussion of the administrative practices and the local economy as revealed by the 145 cuneiform tablets recovered from the building.
This volume will be of importance to all those with an interest in the archaeology, history and ancient languages of Mesopotamia.
ISBN 978-1-910169-04-9 Hardback. xiv +246 pp., 260 figures, 42 tables. £35

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