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The Dilmun Temple at Saar

Saar Excavation Report Vol 1

Harriet Crawford, Robert Killick and Jane Moon (eds.)
£14.99 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-910169-03-2
160 pages, 211 illustrations, including many in colour.

Four thousand years ago the land of Dilmun (ancient Bahrain) lay at the crossroads between the civilized world and the mysterious East. Its merchants prospered greatly from a lucrative trade in copper and luxury goods. In this volume, the structure and contents of the temple at the Dilmun settlement of Saar are presented in detail. An introduction places the Saar site in its historical and geographical context, and there are chapters on the architecture, the finds in the temple including seals and pottery, the dating of the temple, and on Dilmun society and the evidence for cultic practices.

Reprinted in paperback.