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Titanic Style

Dress and Fashion on the Voyage

By Grace Evans
£20 hardback
ISBN 978-0-9539561-8-0
176 pages, 28 colour and 47 b/w illustrations.
Published Sep 2011

The maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912 took place at a time when fashions were undergoing a major change on both sides of the Atlantic. The vessel carried hundreds of wealthy passengers in its First Class accommodation, and while they enjoyed the luxury state rooms, well-appointed lounges and restaurants, and gymnasium and baths, they were dressed in the latest styles by the most fashionable designers of the day. Indeed, a prominent fashion designer, Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, was on board, as were some of her clients.
Grace Evans describes in detail the styles, fabrics and manufacture of Edwardian clothing as worn on the Titanic, from the finery of the first class, to the costumes of the second and third class passengers, men, women and children, and the vast army of crew and staff who looked after them. She explains how their clothes were made, bought, kept and cared for, and what was worn by whom, from corsets and peignoirs to top coats and furs. The major designers and their styles are discussed, and the way people of more modest means adapted or copied their styles.
Stories of selected individuals, from personal reminiscences or witness accounts, are woven lightly into the narrative, creating a realistic impression of what it felt like to be among the men and women who set sail on the newly built ship.

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